Do you want your company to be a place where people of different cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and ages can succeed?

CCEJ’s Workplace Inclusion Network (WIN) presents a luncheon training series to help you create a work environment where everyone can thrive. If you are a Human Resources manager, leader of a diverse team, or an Executive-level decision maker, or simply interested in making your office a more inclusive place, this opportunity is for you!

WIN Training #1: Unconscious Bias 101  How does our psychology affect our interactions with different people at work? Our panel of research experts and HR professionals will discuss how we can become more aware of bias, how it affects our behavior and decisionmaking at the office, and what policies and protocols we can put into place to mitigate the negative impacts that bias may have on hiring, supervision, and team culture.

Presented in partnership with TABC and the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.







Location: TABC, 6375 Paramount Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805.
Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019
Time: 11am – 1pm, lunch provided.

Dr. Lindsay Pérez Huber, Associate Professor, CSU-Long Beach College of Education
Dr. Pérez Huber’s research analyzes racial inequities in education, the impact on marginalized urban students of color, and how students and their communities respond to those inequities to create educational and social change. Her areas of specialization include race, immigration and education, and racial microaggressions.  Learn more here.

David Kinnear, dbkAssociates
Dave Kinnear is a Business Advisor, Mentor and Executive Leader Coach.  Through his affiliation with Vistage Worldwide, Dave convenes and facilitates peer advisory boards of Business Owners, Company Presidents, General Managers and Chief Executives dedicated to becoming better leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results. Learn more here.

Gillian Medina, TABC Human Resources Manager
Gillian Medina has over two decades of leadership experience at Toyota Motor North America, ranging from Call Center Operations, Marketing, Service & Parts Operations, Product Planning and Human Resources. In her current capacity as Human Resources Administration, Health & Safety Manager at TABC, she is responsible for all aspects of HR Administration including recruitment, labor relations, collective bargaining, engagement, diversity & inclusion, rewards & recognition, team member events, talent development, compensation, benefits, policy and payroll.  She is also responsible for TABC team member services including, Health Services, Security Services and plantwide Safety Operations.  Finally, as Compliance Champion at TABC, Gillian is responsible for promoting an ethical culture and providing local compliance oversight at TABC.

Kimmy Maniquis (moderator), CCEJ Executive Director
Kimmy has led CCEJ as Executive Director since 2017, after joining the organization more than a decade ago.  She has worked in the field of human relations and youth development for more than 20 years, with a special focus on educational and social justice work.  Kimmy is a Commissioner with the City of Long Beach Human Relations Commission, a board member for the National Federation of Just Communities, and collaborates closely with schools, workplaces and public agencies throughout Los Angeles County to support programs and initiatives which promote inclusion and justice for all.

Training cost:
Individual registration – $100
Groups of 3-4 – $85/per person
Groups of 5 or more – $75/per person

Click here to register for the June 6th WIN training luncheon.

Want to attend all three trainings?  Contact Jessy Needham at 562-435-8184 or to discuss a package rate.


WIN Training #2: Gender Equity in Leadership  Despite many gains towards inclusion, women still face barriers in attaining leadership positions in a variety of sectors. CCEJ’s panel will explore how our workplaces can become more inclusive of women. Date & host to be announced.

WIN Training #3: Courageous Conversations about DEI   Discussing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our workplaces is sometimes challenging. CCEJ staff and partners will share ideas for building workplace cultures where everyone feels supported to succeed. Date & Host to be announced.

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Gene Lentzner Nomination Application

Nomination Application

Please make sure to tell us about your nominee in your 1-2 pages by including the following:

1) Significant contributions to the Greater Los Angeles or Long Beach Community in the area of social justice/human relations
2) How they promote respect and justice among all people regardless of differences in race, religion, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity
3) How they demonstrate commitment to social justice and human relations by way of service (if it’s at work, then above and beyond their paid scope of work)
4) Ways they foster inter-group, inter-faith cooperation
5) How they are connected to the Greater Los Angeles or Long Beach area