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Iluminar: Training and Coaching for Justice


  • In Spanish: to give light, to brighten with light, to spark insight, to illuminate.

Iluminar: Training and Coaching for Justice is CCEJ ‘s interdisciplinary team that provides experiential and innovative training and coaching in Restorative Justice practices for schools, families, workplaces and community settings. Since 2014, tens of thousands of people across Los Angeles County & Southern California have been trained and coached by CCEJ staff in using Restorative Justice practices to build cultures that promote stronger communication, healthier relationships, and where no one is disposable so that conflict is healed in equitable and just ways.

illume: Restorative Culture Shift Institute

Applications have closed for our illume: Restorative Culture Shift Institute! Our first cohort will initiate January 2021.

Iluminar in the era of COVID-19

During social distancing measures due to Coronavirus, CCEJ continues to offer online trainings and workshops.  Click here to see a list of our online program offerings. 

We can also tailor specific online programs for your school site, workplace, agency, faith community, parent group, and more.  Click here for more information. To schedule a free consultation with CCEJ, please contact Daniel Solis, Associate Executive Director at dsolis@cacej.org or 562.435.8184.

Inspired by the power of light in many forms to shift our perspective and understanding – especially around topics that we might prefer stay unexamined – Iluminar  specializes in bringing Restorative Justice practices to three places:

  • K-12 Schools, Colleges, & Universities
    • Iluminar trainers work with school partners to identify goals and assess readiness for implementation of Restorative Justice practices, in order to create a tailored multiple phased implementation plan.
    • Iluminar staff have extensive experience with a variety of contexts and demographics, including private universities, community colleges, K-12 public and charter schools, and alternative and credit recovery/continuation schools.
    • We are particularly committed to working with schools where there are high concentrations of young people who are currently and historically targeted by school push-out, including LGBTQ+ students, students of color, students with disabilities and students who are eligible for free or reduced-priced lunches.
    • Offering a Schools Pathway made up of 7 trainings, Iluminar trainers and coaches work with schools to build knowledge and skills in:
      • Restorative Justice Principles & Framework
      • Community Building Circles
      • Restorative Dialogue
      • Harm and Conflict Circles
      • Play Learning for Community Building
      • Trauma Sensitivity
    •  In addition to trainings, Iluminar staff are able to support schools through intensive coaching for individuals and teams. Coaching includes:
      • Activating implementation plans
      • Administrator Coaching
      • Co-facilitate circles
      • Restorative school policy development
      • Customized Professional Development
    • Iluminar “Menu of Services”
    • For more information on training and coaching for schools, please contact Sarah Ogdie, Training Coordinator – Partnerships Development at sogdieATcacej.org.
  • Workplaces
    • Iluminar is currently building out a specialized Workplace Pathway that will provide businesses, nonprofits, and other workplace settings with knowledge and tools to implement Restorative Justice practices in their internal operations and programs serving external stakeholders.
    • Pathway will be launched Spring 2020!
    • For more information on the forthcoming Workplace Pathway, please contact Daniel Solís, Interim Co-Executive Director at dsolisATcacej.org.
  • Families
    • Raising FUTUREs (Families United in Thriving and Understanding Restorative Environments) Parent/Caregiver Education provides workshops that strengthen nonviolent communication skills, guide participants to use restorative justice principles and practices in their everyday family life, prepare caregivers to advocate for their families in a range of settings including schools and workplaces, and help parents and caregivers guide their children away from the juvenile justice system.
    • All workshops are offered in both English and Spanish.
    • For more information on Raising FUTUREs, please contact Mayra Serna, Training Specialist at msernaATcacej.org.

Whatchu Know about RJ? Podcast

Check out CCEJ’s podcast – Whatchu Know about RJ? – hosted and organized by Gilbert Salazar, Training Coordinator – Innovations Development. Season 1 is out now! It features interviews, storytelling, and experimental audio formats from CCEJ Restorative Justice practitioners to highlight the interdisciplinary spectrum of RJ facilitation and theory, with topics such as: creativity, communication, relationships, and justice. Whatchu Know about RJ? is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Please listen, like, subscribe, and share today.

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Gene Lentzner Nomination Application

Nomination Application

Please make sure to tell us about your nominee in your 1-2 pages by including the following:

1) Significant contributions to the Greater Los Angeles or Long Beach Community in the area of social justice/human relations
2) How they promote respect and justice among all people regardless of differences in race, religion, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity
3) How they demonstrate commitment to social justice and human relations by way of service (if it’s at work, then above and beyond their paid scope of work)
4) Ways they foster inter-group, inter-faith cooperation
5) How they are connected to the Greater Los Angeles or Long Beach area