Volunteer With CCEJ

CCEJ could not exist without the thousands of hours of service dedicated by our volunteers. CCEJ’s volunteers help us design and deliver programs, convene special events and raise funds, provide administrative support in our offices, and assist our staff in many ways each year. CCEJ cares deeply about its volunteers and is guided by these values:

  • Volunteers magnify CCEJ’s ability to reach its mission;
  • Everyone has valuable gifts to offer;
  • Reciprocity between CCEJ and volunteers is essential;
  • Ongoing training and learning improves programs and empowers volunteers’ creativity;
  • Honesty and respect make feedback stronger and more impactful;
  • Conflict is a healthy part of relationships and can lead to better communication and more authentic trust;
  • Volunteers’ complex experiences and identities must be respected and valued as a source of knowledge an expertise;
  • Power relations are always present in all relationships, so CCEJ works to understand the operation, impact and strategies needed to shift those relationships for the long haul.

CCEJ provides high-quality, ongoing training for volunteers to ensure they are supported in meeting their responsibilities, while also developing their personal knowledge and skill base. Incorporating best practices and evidence-based design, volunteer trainings are focused on application and accessibility. CCEJ staff will invite graduates of trainings to become volunteers if they display commitment to continuously learning and seem to be a good fit for our programs.

Some ongoing opportunities for volunteers are:

Volunteer with Building Bridges for Youth

CCEJ provides youth ages 6 -18 with social justice programs that support them in questioning conventional assumptions, defining their core values, respecting differences in identities, and building community to advocate for justice in their schools, communities, and families.

To learn more about Building Bridges for Youth programs, go to: https://www.cacej.org/cause/building-bridges/

Given the sensitive nature of Building Bridge for Youth programs, interested individuals are required to undergo specific training in order to be eligible to volunteer for specific programs:

  • Building Bridges Leadership Academy(BBLA): 3 day training providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to support youth empowerment and leadership, as well as prepare to volunteer in CCEJ’s experiential, residential programs – Building Bridges Camp and Summer Youth Leadership Institute, serving youth ages 14-18.
  • Conscious Classrooms Facilitator Training: 3 day training preparing volunteers to serve as facilitators for Conscious Classrooms, an in-school program for 4th – 12th grade students focused on building the awareness, knowledge, and skills students need to promote respect, advocate for social justice, and strengthen the learning environment in classrooms and schools. Volunteer facilitators help deliver workshops throughout Southern California, and are provided stipends to help defray their costs.
  • REAL Resiliency Facilitator Training: 3 day training for volunteers interested in supporting youth ages 11-17 beginning to become involved with the juvenile justice system by developing resiliency skills, emotional literacy, and critical consciousness. Volunteer facilitators help deliver workshops throughout Southern California, and are provided stipends to help defray their costs.

For more information on Building Bridges for Youth volunteer training opportunities, please call Kathleah Pagdilao at 562.435.8184 or email at kpagdilao@cacej.org.

Volunteer with Healing Harms

Healing Harms is CCEJ’s conflict transformation team. Healing Harms works with communities across Southern California to create more humane and just ways for people in serious conflict to find change, accountability and healing.

Through our four core programs – Restorative Youth Diversion (RYD), Families Restoring Relationships (FRR), Strengthening Communities & Organizations through Restorative Engagement (SCORE), and Restorative Responses to Conflict & Crisis (RRCC), Healing Harms staff and volunteers offer restorative models and alternatives to traditional approaches of conflict resolution across Southern California.

To learn more about Healing Harms’ programs, go to: https://www.cacej.org/cause/healingharms/

  • Healing Harms Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator Training45-hour training that prepares volunteers to co-facilitate circles for Healing Harms’ conflict resolution programs. Participants develop the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and lead a Restorative Justice circle process for conflicts referred by a wide range of partners including – police departments, courts, other juvenile justice related systems, schools, families and community based organizations. Volunteers will explore tools to create a space for youth, families and community to come together and collectively determine meaningful healing steps when harm or conflict occurs. Volunteers are required to make a one year commitment given the average time frames cases takes to reach their end.

For more information on upcoming Healing Harms volunteer training opportunities, please call Daniel Solis at 562.435.8184 or email at dsolis@cacej.org.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

We always welcome volunteers interested in joining us to make a difference in their community and help to eliminate racism, bias and bigotry.

  • Invite us to share our work with your student or community group
  • Help us plan a community event like our Interfaith Intercultural Breakfast
  • Connect us with potential sponsors, including businesses and groups which are interested in supporting CCEJ’s work

If you would like to learn more about how you can help, please contact our office at 562.435.8184 or email us at info@cacej.org.

Thank you for your generosity and passion for CCEJ’s mission!

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Gene Lentzner Nomination Application

Nomination Application

Please make sure to tell us about your nominee in your 1-2 pages by including the following:

1) Significant contributions to the Greater Los Angeles or Long Beach Community in the area of social justice/human relations
2) How they promote respect and justice among all people regardless of differences in race, religion, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity
3) How they demonstrate commitment to social justice and human relations by way of service (if it’s at work, then above and beyond their paid scope of work)
4) Ways they foster inter-group, inter-faith cooperation
5) How they are connected to the Greater Los Angeles or Long Beach area